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Local Support

NWREC invests in many aspects of our communities, from educating our youth to helping create value-added jobs in a variety of industries.  Below you will learn more about our commitment to community and how you can get involved, too!

Operation Round-Up

Operation Round Up is a member funded program to assist not-for-profit organizations, individuals and families in need.

Scholarship Program

NWREC offers dependents of member-owners scholarships each year.

Powerline Scholarship Program

A $1000 scholarship will be awarded annually to an individual enrolled in a course of powerline training at Northwest Iowa...

Youth Tour

Member dependents that are juniors or seniors in high school can apply to go on an all expense week-long trip...

Energy Trail Tour

Twelve lucky couples from North West REC will be selected at random to attend the Annual Energy Trail Tour.


N.E.T. Broadband

North West REC and Evertek Technologies are dedicated to serving the small towns and rural areas of northwest Iowa with...

LIVE Coverage for local high school sports teams


North West REC is pleased to be one of more than 300 organizations across the United States making the Questline®...

Co-op Connections Card

The Co-op Connections Card offers member-owners discounts at participating local businesses, national discounts, prescription discounts and more.

Economic Development

North West REC provides programs to support economic development in North West Iowa.

REC Day on the Hill

REC Day on the Hill

Nearly 200 employees and elected directors from Iowa’s locally owned rural electric cooperatives (RECs) came...