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logo of our operation round up program

Since 1999, the generosity of more than 50% of our members has touched the lives of thousands of people in the communities served by North West REC, through Operation Round Up. Our office "rounds up" participating members' monthly electric bills to the nearest dollar, with a cost to the average participating member of $5 to $6 per year. Those funds are held in a trust account.

The majority of the money collected helps to fund community-service programs used by North West REC members in our service area. Applications are available at our three offices, or members may sign up by submitting the form below. Funds may be used to help non-profit charitable organizations, individual family disasters, worthwhile community causes and school projects. North West REC's board of directors administers the Operation Round Up Trust. No contributions will be given for political, religious or labor organizations; field trips; advertising or lobbying.

For the latest update on the Operation Round Up program, check your current issue of News Lines, our member newsletter. Find issues of News Lines here.

If you do not already participate in the Operation Round Up program and would like to, complete and submit the information below, or visit our office to pick up a form.

If you no longer wish to participate in the Operation Round Up program and would liked to be removed from it, please call the office or email ( and we would be happy to assist you.

FAQ about Operation Round Up