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Questline® was created to deliver one-on-one technical and business-oriented information to clients.

The company began with a team of researchers, engineers, and economic development professionals with a vision of providing quick-turnaround technical information and business assistance.

Questline® has evolved, combining the original customer services, research and communication strengths with a business-development and revenue-generating focus.

North West REC is pleased to be one of more than 300 organizations across the United States making the Questline® Tools available FREE to our member/consumers. The tools include comprehensive technical information and problem-solving services in many topic areas. These include:

Electricity: power quality & power analysis, motors/drives/lights, energy efficiency determinations, gas versus electric costing, electro-technology assessments

Industry/Company Profiles: economic status of segments, economic development by city and region, market projections

Technology/Process Assistance: shop floor troubleshooting, assessment of alternative technologies, material/equipment substitution, identification of technical consultants

Location of Critical Services: equipment suppliers/material vendors, manufacturers of unique materials, sources for training courses, retrofit/repair of machinery

Miscellaneous Information & Research: literature searches, web searches, patent searches

Materials Information: paper/wood/metal/etc., joining/bonding/welding, forming/fabrication, plating and finishing, material properties, machining - speeds, feeds, specifications

Regulatory/Environment: PUCO / OSHA / EPA regulations, painting VOC control, plating waste, refrigeration/CFCs, scrap disposal/use

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Phone: 800-824-0488
Fax: 888-716-8724