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North West REC and Evertek Technologies are dedicated to serving the small towns and rural areas of northwest Iowa. Our goal is to provide high-speed broadband internet service with:

• No restrictions - no limitations to your on-line time because your computer is always connected. Plans are available for office networks, or at-home computers.
• No phone lines - our internet service is wireless. Your computer must have an Ethernet network interface card, we can install this for you if necessary.
• No contracts - you aren't tied to our service by a long-term contract. We believe you'll stay with us because you like our service!

N.E.T. Broadband uses a "non line-of-sight" system in which the customer receives and transmits to the base station without having view of the system. This is accomplished through a small device referred to as the customer premise equipment (CPE).

We own and maintain the CPE, which is placed in your home or business where the best signal is available, usually near a window. The CPE must be plugged in to an electrical outlet. For further information including system requirements, prices, and additional services, please visit N.E.T Broadband's homepage at