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2020 Member Engagement Survey

To assist us with an upcoming strategic planning meeting, we are seeking your input and participation in this important survey. A drawing for a Green Mountain Smoker grill (grand prize), a YETI cooler, and eight (8) $100 bill credits will be held for all completed surveys returned by December 31st, 2020.

For future improved communication opportunities, would you please provide the following information. (This information will only be used by NWREC and not shared with any other entity.)

1. What is the age of the person completing this survey?

Please select your age:*

2. Communication with our members is very important

a. Do you read our monthly newsletter?*

b. Do you find the newsletter informative?*

c. Do you read the IAEC "Living with Energy in Iowa" magazine?*

d. Do you prefer to receive NWREC's Annual Report by mail or is it acceptable to only post it on our website?*

e. Which forms of social media do you use? (select all that apply)

3. We continue to try to find ways to encourage our younger and new members to participate in the Cooperative's Annual District Meetings, Member Appreciation Day events, and other programs.

a. Have you attended an Annual District Meeting in the last five years?*

b. Have you attended a Member Appreciation Day event in the last two years?*

c. Which of the following are important for your decision to attend one of these events? (select all that apply)

4. North West REC has a Beat the Peak program whereby members can voluntarily participate to help reduce peak demand costs.

a. Are you familiar with this program?*

b. Would you like more information about this program?*

5. North West REC offers rebates on energy efficient heating/cooling systems & other energy efficiency measures.

a. Are you familiar with our rebate program?*

b. If you have received a rebate, did it impact your buying decision?

c. Would you like more information on our rebate program?*

6. NWREC offers a SmartHub program that gives our members the ability to pay their bill, check their usage, report issues & contact NWREC from their mobile device or the Web.

a. Are you using this service?*

b. If you are using it, how is it working for you?

c. If you sign up for SmartHub, you are able to receive text messages about outage restoration. Is this something that interest you?*

7. Renewables - NWREC's power supply mix through WAPA & Basin now includes nearly 45% hydro, wind, and other renewables.

a. How would you rate our current renewables involvement?*

8. NWREC is offering a pilot program of financing automatic standby generators.

a. Is this something you might be interested in if we expanded it beyond the pilot program?*

9. NWREC has purchased an electric vehicle (EV) and is offering a rebate for EV chargers.

a. Have you considered purchasing an EV for yourself?*

b. Do you think you may purchase an EV in the next 5 years?*

10. NWREC is partnered with Evertek NET Broadband to bring wireless internet to our members.

11. NWREC appreciates feedback from its members.

12. How would you rate your level of satisfaction with NWREC's:

("1" means "very dissatisfied" and "10" means "very satisfied".)

a. Billing System*

b. Service Reliability*

c. Energy Efficiency Programs*

d. Communications*

13. Customer satisfaction means many things. We would like your feedback regarding your overall satisfaction with NWREC.

a. Please consider all your experiences to date with NWREC. How would you rate your level of satisfaction with NWREC?*

b. To what extent has NWREC fallen short of your expectations or exceeded your expectations?*

c. Forget about NWREC for a second. Now imagine an ideal utility company. How well do you think NWREC compares with that ideal utility company?*

d. Assume for the moment, that you could choose from among more than one utility company. The next time you are going to choose a utility company, how likely is it that it will be NWREC?*

14. Please leave any other suggestions, or comments, that you would like us to be aware of below.

Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey!

If you are having issues with the survey not submitting, please email or call the office 712-707-4935 or 800-766-2099 and we can mail you a copy of the survey.

Here is a copy of the survey to download: Member Engagement Survey 2020 if you would like to print it and fill it out if you are having issues with the survey form on the website.

This pdf: Member Engagement Survey 2020 is a fillable form that you can type on, save your answers, and email back to the office or if you are having issues with the survey form on the website.