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2021 Annual Meeting

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2021 Annual Meeting

7pm Tuesday evening, March 30th, 2021 at the Terrace View Event Center in Sioux Center, IA.

We want to say thank you so much to everyone who took the time to return their ballot and or question card in the mailing this year. We had a good turnout for the Annual Meeting both in person and online with those watching live. Thank you for being active member-owners of this cooperative and participating in this years Annual Meeting.

2021 Annual Meeting Information

The Annual Meeting was livestreamed on our Facebook page. (You do not have to have a Facebook account to watch this.)

Watch the Annual Meeting Live on our Facebook page here: North West REC Facebook Page

With the ongoing uncertainty of what the COVID-19 situation will look like in March, the Board of Directors has decided to not have our district meetings again this year. We will still have our Annual Meeting and it will be held on Tuesday evening, March 30th, at the Terrace View Events Center in Sioux Center. Due to concerns related to the pandemic, we will not be serving a meal and we will not be having entertainment. We will however be serving pie, ice cream, and coffee to those attending the Annual Meeting in person at the Terrace View Event Center.

The meeting will consist of a short business meeting, and a question and answer session.

Submit your questions for the Q & A by filling out the blue question card in your mailing and returning it to the office by March 18th.

There is one ballot (NO director election in District 2, so no ballot) & one question card in each of your Annual Meeting mailing packets that are being mailed out at the beginning of March.

To Vote by mail.

  1. Mark your director ballot with an "X" opposite the name of the one candidate you wish to vote for.
  2. Enclose the ballot in, and seal, the business reply enveloped addressed to the Board Secretary, North West REC at Orange City, IA, provided for you in your packet. (Please also return your question card)
  3. The ballot must be returned, or postmarked, by March 18th at the latest to be counted towards the election for director.

Everyone who returns their ballot or question card to the office by the the 18th of March will be entered to win one of ten (10) $100 bill credits!

Door prizes will be available to those who attend in person or join online.

Instructions will be given during the meeting to those watching for how to register for the prizes if you are joining online.

Door prizes will include: (10) Ten $250 bill credits & (20) Twenty $100 bill credits!

The Annual Meeting will be live-streamed via Facebook live.

Facebook page:

You can watch this without having access to a Facebook account, simply follow the link above. The Annual Meeting will be recorded and available for viewing on our website and Facebook page after the event.


The 10 winners of the 100 bill credits for returning your completed question card and or ballot to the office by the 18th of March:

1. Scott Hoekstra (Orange City) 2. Jay Kragt (Rock Valley) 3. Jeff and Sandy Visser (Sioux Center) 4. Ron McCarty (Sheldon) 5. Jacqueline Rehder (Paullina) 6. Michael Keating (Sioux City) 7. Donald Newberg (Hinton) 8. Thomas Kinquist (Sioux City) 9. Ronald Lorenzen (Arthur) 10. Dennis Bennett (Galva)

The 10 winners of the $250 door prize for texting the keyword to the number we gave during the Annual Meeting

1. Keith Witzke (Arthur) 2. Dean Hibma - Hibma Herritage Farms (Maurice) 3. Lew Sitzman ( Kingsley) 4. Lanny Cipperley (Ida Grove) 5. William Aberson (Orange City) 6. Verlyn Netten (Orange City) 7. Duane Bajema (Sioux Center) 8. Tim Timmins (Hinton) 9. Jim Heeren (Le Mars) 10. Jerry Ernst (Denison)

The 20 winners of the $100 door prize for texting the keyword to the number we gave during the Annual Meeting:

1. Harlan & Bertha Lammers (Maurice) 2. Mark Skarhus (Sioux City) 3. Carl Moss (Boyden) 4. Paul Clousing (Sioux Center) 5. Betty Valentine (Sioux Center) 6. Eric Fritz (Le Mars) 7. Josh Hooyer - Porky Pine Farms (Maurice) 8. Ronald Marsh (Le Mars) 9. Delbert Schueder (Paullina) 10. Daniel Reeves ( Sheldon) 11. Lester Van Veldhuizen (Hull) 12. Mike & Susie Jungers (Hospers) 13. Ray Anstine (Kingsley) 14. Jim Benner (Granville) 15. Susan Streck (Ida Grove) 16. Roger Brinkert (Primghar) 17. Robert Eisma (Ireton) 18. Henry D. Dykstra (Archer) 19. George Ehrig (Ida Grove) 20. Tom De Vries (Maurice)

Attention all winners you will see these bill credits on your next bill on April 19th. All winners will also be receiving an email to let them know they've won.

For those that missed it during the Annual Meeting the results of the Director Election and the winners of the $1000 Scholarship are below:

Director Election Winners: District 1 Sioux County: Steve Abma District 3 Plymouth County: Doug Becker District 4 Ida County: Dale Ullrich

$1000 Scholarship Winners. We received over 83 outstanding applications for scholarships this year. The scholarship committee once again had very hard decisions to make in picking the winners. We were able to give out over $33,000 to high school seniors to help them in attending college.

District 1 Sioux County Avery Koopmans & Samantha Vermeer

District 2 O'Brien County Aubren Budden & Bryce Rasmussen

District 3 Plymouth County Rachel Sealine & Natalie Toben

District 4 Ida County Truman Clark & Dylan Cork