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The following services are provided to our members. Applicable fees are listed in the charts, below.

General Charges

Returned check charge $30
Posting trip charge $35
Reconnection fee - during hours $85
Reconnection fee - after hours $200
Disconnect fee $85
Meter test - by request $25

Service Calls

During normal business hours $150
After hours $225

Locate member's fault on member's side (electrician must be present) PER HOUR


Basket/digger trucks - 2 staff/truck, 1 hour minimum

* Member charge PER HOUR

* Non-member charge PER HOUR


$275 OT


$325 OT

Pick-up truck - 1 hour minimum

* Member charge PER HOUR

* Non-member PER HOUR



Security Light Service

Maintenance on high pressure sodium light (HPS) $40
Maintenance on LED light $80
Maintenance on mercury vapor light (photo cell only) $40
Install security light on pole No charge
Move security light to new pole $90
Move security light and pole $150
Remove security light from pole $90
Disconnect security light $90
Purchase LED security light $225
Setting pole for member $150
Replace a HPS security light with a LED security light$190


1. We no longer sell mercury vapor security lights or high pressure sodium lights, although we do still maintain those with a photo cell (see charge, above).
2. We do not set poles for gate posts, basketball hoops or other pole-related items.