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The following services are provided to our members. Applicable fees are listed in the charts, below.

General Charges

Returned check charge $30
Posting trip charge $35
Reconnection fee - during hours $85
Reconnection fee - after hours $200
Disconnect fee $85
Meter test - by request $25

Service Calls

During normal business hours $175
After hours $250

Locate member's fault on member's side (electrician must be present) PER HOUR


Basket/digger trucks - 2 staff/truck, 1 hour minimum

* Member charge PER HOUR

* Non-member charge PER HOUR


$275 OT


$345 OT

Pick-up truck - 1 hour minimum

* Member charge PER HOUR

* Non-member PER HOUR



Security Light Service Work

We no longer sell mercury vapor security lights or high pressure sodium lights. We are no longer able to provide maintenance for the old style HPS security lights due to the parts for these no longer being available. Members will have to upgrade to an LED light for $190 if they want their light fixed by NWREC.
LED light - Maintenance
-(Will retrofit mercury vapor or HPS lights to LEDs when maintenance is necessary)
Move security light to a new pole
Move security light and pole$175
Remove security light from pole or disconnect light $100

Sell Security light to member - includes installation

LED Security light (will not install on anything but a pole)$225
Replace an HPS light with an LED light$190
LED lights have a 5 year warranty, but if we find something wrong on the members side causing an issue with the light not to work we will charge a $50 service call fee.


Setting a pole for a member
- (We will not set poles for gateposts, basketball hoops, ect)
Sell any size used pole to member$125