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Your cooperative is currently experiencing normal energy demand. No special energy saving measures are necessary.

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Rebates and Energy Savings

North West REC offers multiple rebates and other solutions to help you save money, live more comfortably in your home and protect the environment.

Switch Makes Cents

By controlling load use, we realize savings on our wholesale power costs, allowing us to pass that savings to our...

Residential Rebates

North West REC offers many residential rebates for new equipment purchases and energy-efficiency upgrades.

Commercial/Industrial/Value-added Ag Rebates

NWREC offers energy efficiency rebates on the installation of qualifying energy efficient lighting and motor load installations.

Water Heaters

North West REC offers high efficiency water heaters at a discounted price to our members. Water heaters must be installed...


North West REC's Monthy Newsletters

Beat the Peak

Minimize future rate increases by conserving energy during peak hours.

Energy Efficiency Loans

Energy-Efficiency Loans are available for qualifying energy-efficiency-related home improvements such as electric heating systems, electric water heaters, or energy efficient windows...

Energy Assessments

North West REC's Member Service department offers energy assessments to assist members in discovering the best ways to save energy...

Summary of Energy Efficient Programs

North West REC Has Long History of Offering Energy Efficiency Programs