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Energy Efficiency is Important

Everyone benefits from conserving energy. For that reason, the Member Service department offers energy assessments to assist members in discovering the best ways to save energy in the home.

Steps in the assessment process

  • Schedule an appointment by calling our office. Note that for the assessment to be effective, there must be at least a 30 degree difference between the inside and outside temperatures so our infrared camera will work effectively.
  • On the day of the assessment, one of our member service personnel will walk through your home with you to look for possible ways to save energy. By using an infrared camera, he or she will help you visually see where conditioned air is leaking out of your home.
  • The assessor will discuss energy efficiency suggestions for potential savings. Simple changes in both lifestyle and in the home will pay you back year after year. Some of the potential improvements may be very inexpensive to implement, and there may be rebates or other incentives to help you implement other changes.

Type of auditChargeDetailsAdd-ons
Residential member $45 Will be applied to your monthly bill Receive kit including caulk, showerhead, faucet aerator, 2 LED bulbs, energy efficiency info
Non-residential buildings $95 for up to 4 hours; additional hourly fee for more time Can use infrared camera on motors, panels or more.

Call our office today at 1-800-766-2099 to set up an appointment for your energy assessment.