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Safety is a top priority at NWREC. 

Read through the following links to educate yourselves on how to keep you and your loved ones safe with these tips.

Kids Corner

North West REC's "Kids Corner" is full of information and resources to help teach your kids about using electricity safety...

Grain Bin Clearances

According to the National Electric Safety Code, overhead power lines should be at least 18 feet above the tops of...

First Responder Electrical Safety

First Responder Campaign for Electrical Fire Safety

One of our linemen, Phil Elgersma, and the Director of Safety for...

Safety Demos

Our member service personnel and linemen present safety programs throughout our four-county service area when requested, and have taught concepts...

Safety Tips

Learn electrical safety tips to help you remain safe where you work, play and live.

Stand-by Generators

If you have already installed or plan to install a generator, please contact us at 1-800-766-2099 so we may note...

Move Over/Slow Down

You can help make Iowa's roads safer.

Iowa's electric cooperatives are committed to the safety of our employees and member-consumers...