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Automatic Bill Payment Plan

Enrolling in our Automatic Bill Payment Plan will save time and money by having your monthly electric bill deducted from your checking or savings account.

The North West REC Automatic Bill Payment Plan:

• Is available to all members.
• Means there is no need to write a check for your North West REC electric bill.
• Eliminate worries about getting your payment to our office on time; your electric bill will always be paid on the due date.
• Helps you keep accurate records; your financial institution will show the direct payment amount on your bank statement.

To sign up for Automatic Bill Payment Plan

1. You must have Adobe Reader or another PDF viewer on your computer to access and use this form. There are two ways to fill out the form; you may print it and fill it out; or because it is an interactive form, you can key in your responses before printing. To fill out on the computer, you may have to download the pdf and open in a PDF viewer. To print the form, select the document and then choose Print Selection.

2. After completing the form, you must also include a voided check, NOT a deposit slip (your check will have the correct routing number; frequently, deposit slips do not) and return both the form and voided check to your North West REC office.

3. You may withdraw from this plan at any time by providing us with written notification. North West REC also reserves the right to cancel use of the Automatic Bill Payment Plan at any time.

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