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Co-op Connections Card

Valuable Discount Program - Co-op Connections® Card Puts Value in Your Wallet

Save on hundreds of local and national discounts - pharmacy savings, online offers, discounts on events, online cashback shopping, and more. Members can get their co-op discounts by shopping online through, the Co-op Connections mobile app, or by using the card.

  • HEALTHY SAVINGS: Pharmacy, dental, vision, diabetic, hearing aids, chiropractic, lab testing, and MRI & CT scans.

  • HOTEL SAVINGS: Save an average of 20% at over 400,000 locations worldwide.

  • CASHBACK SHOPPING: Earn up to 20% cashback when you shop at over 2,000 online retailers.

  • EVENT DISCOUNTS: Save on your favorite sporting events, concerts, and theaters.

  • NATIONAL DISCOUNTS: Enjoy a wide variety of discounts that will save you lots of money.

  • INSURANCE: Save money by getting competitive insurance products.

  • Start Saving Today!

    Simply visit and create your online account. Create a username and password to begin saving! Download the free app and have mobile access at your fingertips! If you forget your card, you'll be able to save with the app - click here for Apple Devices or Android Devices

    Mobile benefits include:

  • Having a virtual card (front and back) with vital prescription discount info on your phone.

  • Using your phone’s GPS feature to find businesses that accept the card if any are nearby.

  • Identifying your favorite discount deals and saving them in “My Deals” for easy access.

  • The Co-op Connections Card is offered by North West REC in partnership with Touchstone Energy®, is a money-saving tool that connects co-op members with discounts on everything from hotel stays to prescription drugs. Members can use their card to receive discounts at participating local businesses and national retailers.

  • Print a new card - If you have lost your card, or would like to take advantage of the Co-op Connections Healthy Savings discounts, you can print a new card here.

  • Pharmacy Another valuable feature of the Co-op Connections Card is the pharmacy discount. Go online to search for participating pharmacies at Use code 22203 as the group number under the "Groups" login section and then enter your zip code.

    Find a complete listing of discounts at

    If you own a business or know of a business owner who would like to participate in this program to earn increased patronage and free advertising, please contact North West REC at 1-800-766-2099 or by email at

    Co-op Connections Card
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