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Meet the North West REC Board of Directors:

2019 Board and Officers
Jeff Rehder - President - District 1 - Sioux
Doug Becker - Vice President - District 3 - Plymouth
Shirley Bensen - Secretary - District 3 - Plymouth
Tom Wagner - Treasurer - District 2 - O'Brien
Steve Brown - Ass't Secretary - Treasurer - District 3 - Plymouth
Lyle Korver - Chief Executive Officer
Steve Abma - District 1 - Sioux
Dave Bosma - District 1 - Sioux
Chad Dau - District 2 - O'Brien
Scott Feuerhelm - District 3 - Plymouth
Dale Ullrich - District 4 - Ida
Dan Hoffman - District 4 - Ida
Office Staff
Office Staff: Bottom left corner: Deb Clausen; Top left: Deb Herzberg, Emily Vander Velde, Julee Kovarna, Gina Christoffel, Megan Pick, Derald Philips, Tyler Kallemeyn, James Vondrak, Renee Wynia, Sheila Van Beek, Curt Ahrenholz
We have many experienced employees that make up the office staff, the member services department and the operations department. Feel free to call the office (1.800.766.2099) to contact our staff if you have any questions or comments.

Employee Listing

Curt Ahrenholz - Finance and Office Service Director

Douglas Alons - Operations Director

Tracy Bahrenfuss - Journeyman Lineman

Mike Berkenpas - Lead Lineman (Le Mars)

Brandon Bonnema - Journeyman Lineman

Gina Christoffel - Customer Service Representative

Deb Clausen - Part-time Customer Service Representative

Rob Driesen - Member Service Director

Phillip Elgersma - Lead Lineman (Orange City)

Lee Galles - Member Energy Advisor

Adam Gesink - Journeyman Lineman

Derrick Haak - Assistant Operations Director

Brett Hansen - Journeyman Lineman

Jonathon Heiliger - Apprentice Lineman

Debra Herzberg - General Accountant

Tim Honkomp - Lead Lineman (Primghar)

Alex Jungers - Journeyman Lineman

Tyler Kallemeyn - Accountant

Dusty Koele - Journeyman Lineman

Lyle Korver - CEO and General Manager

Julee Kovarna - Billing Coordinator

Luke Lathrop - Journeyman Lineman

Dylan Low - Apprentice Lineman

Robin Maassen - Apprentice Lineman

Kenneth Miller - Metering & Load Management Technician

Justin Nippert - Journeyman Lineman

Brent Noteboom - Material & Warehouse Coordinator

Derald Philips - Safety and Loss Control Director

Megan Pick - Customer Service/Accounting Office Assistant

Gaylen Schneider - Member Service & Metering Advisor

Zane Tinken - Apprentice Lineman

Brent Van Beek - Member Energy Advisor

Sheila Van Beek - Operations Coordinator

Emily Vander Velde - Communications/Member Service Coordinator

James Vondrak - Information Technology Director

Cole Walch - Apprentice Lineman

Doug White - Lead Lineman (Ida Grove)

Scott Wubben - Journeyman Lineman

Renee Wynia - Executive Assistant/HR Coordinator

Member Service Staff
Left to right: Ken Miller, Gaylen Schneider, Rob Driesen, Lee Galles, Brent Van Beek
Top Left: Brent Noteboom, Tony Rolfes, Joe Penning, Ben Cahill; Middle row: Mike Berkenpas, Tracy Bahrenfuss, Brett Hansen, Derrick Haak, Tim Honkomp, Alex Jungers, Adam Gesink, Phil Elgersma, Brandon Bonnema, Gabe Roetman; Front row left: Dustin Koele, Scott Wubben, Justin Nippert, Dylan Low, Robin Maassen, Luke Lathrop, Doug Alons, Doug White, Jon Heiliger