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Board of Directors

Board of Directors with Lyle 4-27-23.jpg

L-R: Lyle Korver, CEO/General Manager; Shirley Schroeder; Steve Brown, Secretary; Doug Becker, Vice President; Jeff Rehder, President; Scott Feuerhelm; Steve Abma; Dale Ullrich, Assistant Secretary-Treasurer; Daniel Van Beek; Dave Bosma;  Dan Hoffman; Tom Wagner, Treasurer.

Board of Directors & Officers

NWREC has four Director Districts and eleven total directors. The Director districts are shown in the graphic below. The number of directors for each district was determined at the time of the Consolidation based on the number of members that resided in each District. The Districts represent the service area of the four cooperatives that consolidated to form North West REC. Members nominate director candidates by District and vote by District. 

One of the most important benefits of being a co-op owner is that you have a voice in how the co-op operates. Member-owners democratically elect the co-op’s local board of directors, who must also be member-owners. These directors serve members local interests in governing the cooperative. Make sure to attend our annual meeting each year in March to exercise your right to vote as an owner. During the meeting, co-op member-owners vote in director elections, review the cooperative financials and vote on any other cooperative business such as proposed bylaw amendments. You also have an opportunity to talk directly to co-op staff and your board of directors.

Map of the 4 counties NWREC serves with icons of the number of directors in each county


We have many experienced employees that make up the office staff, the member services department, and the operations department. Feel free to call the office (1.800.766.2099) to contact our staff if you have any questions or comments.

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