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N.E.T. Broadband 

High Speed Wireless Internet Services are now available
in Sheldon, Holstein, Ida Grove, Craig, Le Mars, Kingsley,
Hawarden, and Hinton, Merrill, and Sioux Center L1.

**** Accessibility not guaranteed****

Contact Evertek to determine your accessibility today!

Visit their site for more information:


216 North Main
PO Box 270
Everly, IA 51338

712-834-2255 (Billing & Sales)
712-834-0202 (Tech Support)

Office Hours
Monday-Friday 8:30am-4:30pm

Internet Technical Support

Tech Support Hours Available 24Hours/ 7 Days per Week!

Contact N.E.T. Broadband

712-834-2936 (Billing & Sales)
712-834-0201 (Tech Support)

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N.E.T. Broadband Wireless Internet the Whole Family Can Enjoy!

Internet service made equipment to purchase...and no usage limits. Serving the rural areas of Northwest Iowa with speeds up to 50Mb.

Partnering Together for the Future . . . North West REC has partnered with Evertek to bring you N.E.T. Broadband. Our advantage? No contracts, no limitations and no hidden fees.

Advantages to You!

  • Installation & Support - Professional installation from local people you can trust, 24 x 7 customer support line

  • Price - We are competitively priced with your needs in mind

  • Contracts - No contracts!

  • Locally Owned & Operated - With local people, problems can be identified and addressed faster

  • Advanced Technology - Our people are trained to bring you the best technology in the industry

  • Wireless Internet Pricing
    Products & Pricing from Evertek & N.E.T.

    50/5Mb* - $99.95
    35/5Mb - $87.95
    25/3Mb - $67.95
    15/2Mb - $56.95

    *Only available in 3.65ghz or 5ghz sites

    Installation - $99.95

    Protection Plan - $5.99

    Includes free service calls and repairs. Some
    restrictions apply. Learn more here . . .

    Wireless Router Lease - $9.99
    Includes support & replacement if needed

    Service Call - $99.95



    All customers whether, equipment is leased or owned, are subject to a service call unless they are covered by a Protection Plan.

    Speed/pricing is determined by your location in relation to service towers. Evertek will inform you of exactly what is available to you when your location information is gathered. All listed prices are monthly charges unless otherwise noted. Taxes and regulatory fees may apply.

    Evertek Coverage map
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