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NWREC invites you to play our "Power Quiz." Correctly answer and submit the following questions by August 10th to have your name entered into our drawing. Ten members who submitted correct entries will then be randomly drawn for a $10 bill credit. Members with three correct entries throughout the year will be submitted into our final drawing for two $250.00 bill credits. Answers to the questions can be found in our newsletter, website and Facebook posts. Be sure to check back next month for another chance to become a Power Quiz winner! Have fun & Good Luck!

Power Quiz winners for June 2020: Wilbur Wittrock, Anita Heitritter, Macey Friedrichsen, Barry Nieuwenhuis, Galen Beyer, Lamont Hageman, Dennis Teut, Gary Mc Crill, Andy Schroeder & Jim Jonker. The credit should be seen on your June 2020 bill due August 10. Congrats and be sure to play again!