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Electric Rates

Our Single Phase Service Rate is available to farm and home member-consumers for all farm and home uses. It is also available for commercial, industrial and temporary services for all uses including lighting, heating and power.

Current rates are:
• Facility Charge of $21.50
• First 300 kWh per month @ $0.145 per kWh
• Next 200 kWh per month @ $0.098 per kWh
• Over 500 kWh per month @ $0.081 per kWh

The minimum bill is $21.50 per month plus appropriate taxes and franchise fees.

In addition, North West REC is able to offer some reduced rates in special circumstances. Electric heating, cooling and water heating usage all qualify for the lower rate. Increased use of electric energy has helped stabilize rates for all REC members. The improved load factor gives an economical advantage to, and a more efficient use of, our entire system.

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