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Electric Vehicles

Planning for an electric vehicle in your furture?

How will you charge the vehicle?
Based on surveys of electric vehicle (EV) owners, 80 percent of charging occurs at home. There are
different levels of charging stations available. Decide which charger is best for your needs.

Level 1 charging provides the slowest
charge, around 3 to 5 electric miles per
hour. Even at this slow speed, however,
the majority of electric vehicle owners
plug in at home to refuel. It plugs into a
120-volt outlet.

Level 2 charging is commonly found in
public locations, including hotels, shopping centers, downtown areas, multifamily communities, and work places. Level 2 charging stations can also be installed at home if a 240-volt outlet is available. Level 2 charging is three to five times faster than Level 1 and provides 10 to 20 electric miles per hour.

Level 3 charge provides an opportunity for a very quick charge. These stations are capable of charging a depleted electric vehicle’s battery to 80 percent capacity in under 30 minutes. Fast charging stations are usually located in high-traffic public areas.

North West REC Electric Vehicle Rates & Rebates

EV Charging Rate: 6.9 cents per kWH
Our Board of Directors has approved a EV charging rate of 6.9 cents per kWh. This rate also includes a $2.50 monthly facility charge (effective 01/01/2024) to cover the extra associated expenses such as metering, transformer upgrade, ect. Just as with the rebate, in order to qualify for this rate, a separate sub meter and load management switch needs to be installed.

EV Charger Rebate: $1000

Residential/Commercial Electric Vehicle Chargers

  • Up to $1000 toward cost of charger and installation, rebate cannot exceed invoice amount

Hybrid Vehicle Chargers

  • Up to $750 toward cost of charger and installation, rebate cannot exceed invoice amount. Maximum rebate of $750

  • Level 2 charger, 208-240 volt

  • Must be hardwired and installation must meet local code

  • Member required to provide charger make, model, s/n, specifications

  • Cannot back-feed into the system

  • Sub Meter and Load Control Switch are REQUIRED for rebate

  • Limit of 1 rebate per electric vehicle

Electric Vehicle Charger Rebate Form

Please call the office if applying for an electric vehicle charger

rebate so a member service employee can discuss the extra

meter and switch needed for qualifying for the rebate.

Picture of North West REC's Chevy electric bolt
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