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Iowa One Call

If you dig into a "hot" electric line, the result could be death or serious injury.

To avoid injury and causing utility problems for you and your neighbors, you must plan ahead.

Whether you are a homeowner or professional contractor, if you
are planning a project that requires disturbing the earth in any way,
you are required to call Iowa ONE CALL at 1-800-292-8989. OR you can contact ONE CALL by dialing 8-1-1 (811) from any phone.
If you live near a border state and you are calling by cell phone, there is a possibility you will be contacting a cell tower in the bordering state, not your home one, and thus be calling ONE CALL in the wrong state. Sometimes it is better to call in via landline.

Call before you dig picture of shovel on top of a phone

ONE CALL Details

  • It is required that anyone digging or excavating to call ONE CALL to have underground lines marked before you begin digging.

  • Any utility with underground cable is required to mark those lines within 48 hours of your call.

  • Iowa one call will mark all electric lines on your property so you can avoid hitting them.

  • This ensures safety for anyone digging, and saves the cost of repairing lines that are accidentally damaged.

Be safe, not sorry. You are responsible for damage to underground lines if you do not call before you dig.

5 steps for safe digging notify, wait, confirm, respect, and dig carefully
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