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Water Heaters

North West REC sells energy efficient Marathon electric water heaters. We also provide a rebate to lower the purchase price. Find rebate details.

Advantages of Marathon Water Heaters


  • The tanks on these water heaters have a lifetime warranty, with a 6-year element and thermostat warranty from date of manufacture. For non-residential use, there is a 10-year warranty

  • Marathon guarantees the units to not leak for as long as the buyer owns the home

  • They are the most durable water heater currently manufactured

  • The Envirofoam™ insulation used in manufacturing them is completely free of CFC and HCFC ozone depleting gases

  • They have the highest energy efficiency rating possible for water heaters

  • The units are designed for easy installation

  • The fiberglass outer tank is designed to be more flexible and withstand more pressure than conventional tanks

  • There is no need to worry about potential carbon monoxide problems with an electric water heater, such as Marathon

  • Find more benefits of Marathon water heaters from the Marathon website.



Q: Why should I care about a lifetime warranty since my last water heater lasted 22 years?
A: Older water heaters had much thicker steel and more porcelain than today's units. Because so many costs have been cut from the manufacturing process, most steel water heaters made today will not last much longer than their warranty.

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Q: Wouldn't a gas water heater be a cheaper water-heating option in my new house?
A: Not necessarily. Although operating a gas unit may be slightly cheaper, gas water heaters are more expensive to purchase than electric units, and the venting now required for safety can be quite expensive. In addition, with the potential for carbon monoxide when operating gas appliances, you should consider your family's safety when making this purchasing decision.

Contact North West REC for more information or to purchase a Marathon water heater. Marathon water heaters are available for purchase at all of our offices. While we do not deliver them, you are welcome to have your plumber pick on up for you, or you can pick one up yourself.

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