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Energy Efficiency Loans

Unexpected expenses happen. Whether it's the unforeseen breakdown of a heating/cooling system or it's simply time to update, North West REC is ready to help members. Energy-Efficiency Loans are available for qualifying energy-efficiency-related home improvements such as electric heating systems, electric water heaters, or energy efficient windows and doors.
Approved, good-credit-risk members may apply, and must provide a complete itemized bill. This bill may include electric heat equipment, wiring, labor, electric water heater, and electric space conditioning equipment for cooling. Insulation expenses, to improve the integrity of the building and the space to be conditioned, may be included in a loan.

View our Energy Efficiency Loan Application. & Handout
Other specifics of our loan program for North West REC members include:


  • Minimum amount of $500 to $999 is written with payments for 1 year.

  • Maximum amount of $7,000 for an equipment upgrade, with a loan written for 3 years.

  • Maximum amount of $4,000 is available for home improvement projects including  insulation, doors, windows, caulking, weatherstripping, and similar materials.

  • Any rebates will be deducted from the bill before financing.

  • North West REC will finance up to 90% of the bill with approval from the board of directors.

  • Interest rate: 5.50% simple interest.

  • Monthly payments are included on the member's electric bill.

  • There is no penalty for early pay-off.

North West REC will deduct any rebates from the total itemized bill and will finance up to 90% of the remainder upon approval from our board of directors.


Call us to find out if your home improvement project qualifies!

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